Ingredients Natural Skin Care

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English name Contained in Declaration (INCI) Description


  • Concealer 001-04
  • Coverstick 01-02
  • Hydrating Foot Cream
  • Light Reflecting Concealer 00
  • Melissa Day Cream
Zinc Oxide (CI 77947) Zinc oxide is a mineral substance with skin-protecting properties. It is also used as a covering white pigment in natural cosmetics.


  • Rose Deodorant
Zinc Ricinoleate Zinc and ricinoleic acid from castor oil are combined by simple processes. It absorbs odors preventing unpleasant smells associated with sweating.


  • Rose Day Cream
  • Tinted Day Cream
Zinc Sulfate Zinc is an essential trace element to the human body. A mineral complex, zinc sulfate helps stabilize emulsions.


  • Hydrating Cream Mask
  • Tinted Day Cream
Zinc Stearate Zinc compounds are very common in the earth's crust. Zinc is a micronutrient and is essential for the body. Zinc combined with plant fatty acids helps to stabilize emulsions.