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English name Contained in Declaration (INCI) Description


  • Clarifying Toner
Echinacea Pallida Extract Native to North America, the pale purple coneflower (Echinacea) was one of the Native Americans’ most important plants. Internally it is widely known as an immune-system supporting supplement. With its cooling action, the nutrient-rich Echinacea plant is used in skin care particularly for oily skin with a tendency to blackheads and blemishes. The Echinacea extract in Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products is prepared using our own special rhythmic process.


  • All products except Clarifying Clay Mask
Fragrance (Parfum) In our ingredients the declaration "Fragrance (Parfum)" means a mixture of whole, natural essential oils which, are responsible for the unmistakable fragrance of Dr.Hauschka products. Each proprietary scent is specially composed for each product


  • Component of essential oils in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
Eugenol Eugenol is naturally occuring in essential oils such as basil, cloves, allspice and cinnamon. In Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Eugenol is never added as an isolated or synthetic substance. Where present, it is always as a component of natural essential oils. We declare it individually as required under European allergy disclosure regulations. Note: this is not the same compound as methyl eugenol regulated under California's Prop 65 warning system.


  • Brow & Lash Gel 00
  • Defining Mascara 01-03
  • Eye Make-up Remover
  • Eye Revive
  • Liquid Eyeliner 01&02
  • Volume Mascara 01-03
Euphrasia Officinalis Extract The small eyebright plant has calming, astringent and soothing properties. Eyebright extracts are traditionally used for the eye area. The eyebright extracts used in Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products are prepared using our own special rhythmic process.