For skin that looks freshly in love.

A little more freshness, a little more radiance, a little more you. Dr. Hauschka Blushes set you up for a perfect start to the day: Simple to apply, they create a radiant and healthy-lookingcomplexion.

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Quick View Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint - face lotion Translucent Bronzing Tint
  • all skin conditions
  • intensifies your natural skin tone
  • evens out irregularities
  • mix with your moisturizer
0.6 fl oz
Quick View Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder Bronzing Powder
  • ultra-fine powder
  • for a translucent bronze shimmer
  • also great for contouring
  • suitable for all skin tones
0.35 oz
Quick View Dr. Hauschka Blush 01 raspberry – 100% certified natural make-up Blush
  • sheer, blendable blush powder
  • offers a healthy glow
  • with mineral pigments
  • in 2 different shades
0.18 oz
Quick View Dr. Hauschka Highlighter 01 illuminating – 100% certified natural make-up Highlighter
  • sheer, blendable powder
  • for a radiant complexion
  • with light-reflecting pigments
  • for all skin tones
0.18 oz

Apply some blush and you're good to glow.

Sometimes your complexion needs a little extra dose of freshness. Our beautiful blushes offer the perfect solution for every day: Simply apply a little powder for a healthier, fresher appearance. Both of these popular shades blend with your natural skin tone and highlight your individuality. Good morning, beauty!

Choosing your blush: sun-kissed or fresh?

Subtly bronzed or rosy and fresh: When it comes to Blush, the color makes all the difference. Dr. Hauschka Blush 02 apricot gives your skin a healthy radiance – the kind you get after a long walk in the woods – while our Blush 01 raspberry adds a luminous, natural glow for a fresh complexion from day to night.

How to properly apply blush – it couldn't be simpler.

Apply your chosen Blush to the cheekbones, blend with a brush (like our Blusher Brush, for example) – and you’re done! Fresh glow guaranteed.

Pay attention to your individual face shape when applying Blush.

  • Square face: Lightly apply the Blush under the cheekbones. This softens the appearance of the cheeks.
  • Round face: Apply the Blush to the cheekbones on a diagonal from the tip of the nose to the temples. This makes your face appear slimmer.
  • Oval face: Apply the Blush to the cheekbones horizontally. This preserves the slim shape of your face.

If you’re not sure: Smile or pout your lips – this will make your cheekbones more prominent.

Dr. Hauschka Blush: Make-up that does more.

Like all Dr. Hauschka Make-up products, our Blush combines beauty with skin care. Precious waxes and oils care for your skin and offer a radiant-looking complexion. The composition of mineral pigments and nurturing plant extracts such as sage and witch hazel accentuate your cheeks with a healthy glow. And of course, Dr. Hauschka Blush is also a 100% certified natural skin care product.