Pure nature

Certified natural skin care for an all-natural you.

Our skin care products contain zero mineral oils, silicones, PEGs and synthetic preservatives. Instead, they are made of 100% natural raw ingredients – most grown organically or biodynamically. Naturally, our Skin Care and Make-up are also certified under the NATRUE label. And yet the highest quality seal that we bear is still the name of our founder: Dr. Hauschka.




Nature as our role model.

Ever since our establishment in 1967, here at Dr. Hauschka Skin Care we have been committed to nature: we draw on around 500 natural raw materials when creating our formulations. For example, nurturing plants, botanical oils and waxes as well as genuine essential oils.


100% certified natural skin care.

Natural cosmetics are in vogue. But just how natural are they really? The NATRUE seal tells you. The NATRUE international quality seal is dedicated to the worldwide protection and promotion of natural and organic skin care. To receive the NATRUE label, ingredients and formulations are audited annually by independent certifiers. All of our products –Dr. Hauschka Skin Care as well as Dr. Hauschka Make-up – are 100% certified natural skin care.


More than just natural: organic skin care.

We want only the best for our natural certified skin care, which means sourcing premium ingredients from organic sources wherever possible. If an ingredient is not available in organic quality, we sometimes initiate cultivation projects. This was the case with our rose essential oil, mango butter, castor oil and shea butter. Today, a total of 80% of our plant-based raw materials are organically cultivated. We want to make this percentage even higher – and to increasingly migrate to Demeter-certified biodynamic farming. We do this by encouraging more and more of our raw material partners all over the world to switch to biodynamic cultivation methods and by providing the necessary support for them to implement this switch.

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Over 80% of our botanical raw materials are organically cultivated.





Product ingredient lists can be a real jumble of letters and numbers. We present our ingredients declarations in clear, plain language.

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Why our skin care products are not always vegan.

Are you searching for vegan products? When producing our skin care, we consciously use ingredients from all kingdoms of nature. So while our formulations are primarily plant-based, depending on the skin care effect and the skin’s needs, we decide whether or not to use certain animal-derived raw materials for each individual product. For example, beeswax is a valuable substance for natural skin care. A gift from nature, which we use with the utmost care.

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