Basic everyday skin care for the evening
Night time care that lets your skin breathe.

The skin care you use in the morning and the evening can be as different as day and night. After all, it has two very different purposes: during the day it should nourish your skin and protect it from environmental influences, while at night it should leave your skin free to breathe. But how, exactly?

Dr. Hauschka night time skin care is all about light serums that deliver vitalizing impulses to give your skin a helping hand with its nightly work. Because while you sleep, your skin is busy getting rid of excess metabolic products and using its own powers to regenerate, night after night. To do this, it must be free to breathe without heavy creams clogging it up and weighing it down. Our delicately scented basic night care products and complementary intensive treatments support your skin in these tasks, leaving it free to find its own healthy balance. The results? A wonderfully radiant and fresh complexion come morning.



Step 2: Tone.

After cleansing, the skin is ready for the second night time skin care step. Given that the night is a busy time for your skin, it welcomes the refreshing, fortifying boost provided by our toners. Simply spray onto your face, neck and décolleté and gently press in with your hands – no cotton pads required.


Step 3: Vitalize.

Our third step enlivens your skin, supporting it to make full use of its innate regenerative powers. With your choice of Night Serum, you give your skin a vitalizing boost in preparation for its busy night shift – before you lay down to rest and your skin gets to work.

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Complementing your basic night care: give your skin some special treatment.

What do you expect from a trip to the spa? A little break from the daily grind, relaxation and fresh impulses? This is exactly what our intensive treatments and conditioners do for your skin. They provide holistic and long-lasting support for the skin’s natural processes. Each Dr. Hauschka intensive treatment and Conditioner provides different supportive care. All are designed to be used for 28 days – which is the time it takes for your skin to fully renew itself.


Tips for good night time skin care.

  • Switching to Dr. Hauschka night care: give yourself and your skin some time.
    If you have been using a night cream up to now, the switch to a light serum may take some getting used to. During the transitional phase, you may notice some initial feelings of tightness. This is entirely normal, as the skin is rediscovering its natural balance and relearning how to regulate itself. You can help ease this transition by applying a nourishing face mask in the evening (please wash off before going to bed) and then nurturing your skin with a Renewing Night Conditioner. 

  • Uniting body and mind: find your feel-good evening ritual.
    With Dr. Hauschka night time care, you know that your face is well cared for. But you are more than just your face. Your whole body appreciates attention and care – and your mind benefits from the relaxation that comes with it. A body oil provides soothing envelopment, while an evening foot bath helps you to let go of the day and check back in with yourself. And being at peace on the inside shines through on the outside. 

  • Sleeping beauty.
    Who says you can’t go to bed beautiful? A little beauty ritual in the evening can go a long way. Dr. Hauschka Lip Care intensively pampers your lips while you sleep, our Neem Nail & Cuticle Pen works like an overnight manicure, and the Hydrating Foot Cream is a blessing for all those whose feet need some intensive nourishment after a busy day.



Step 1: Cleanse.

The evening facial cleanse is particularly important, as it perfectly prepares your skin for its nightly regeneration. It frees the skin from small dirt particles, sweat, sebum, make-up or sunscreen. Our products gently cleanse your skin without disrupting its natural hydrolipid mantle.

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