Alcohol in Dr. Hauschka cosmetics

Why do some of the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products contain alcohol?

A water/alcohol mixture is used to extract many of the herbs used in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. Alcohol is therefore found in many Dr. Hauschka products. It also helps us to avoid use of synthetic, chemical preservatives. 


Where does the alcohol in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products come from?

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care we use ethanol, which is alcohol derived from fermentation of organic grains. This is the same kind of alcohol found in all alcoholic beverages


Can the alcohol in the Dr. Hauschka skin care products dry out the skin?

A water-alcohol mixture is used to extract many of the herbs used in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.  We sometimes see advice that drying effects of alcohol make it unsuitable for sensitive and dry skin. These statements result from mainly from past use of high-concentration astringents to cleanse the skin by application with a cotton ball. This method removes the skin’s natural oils. This weakens the skin’s barrier and can dry out the skin. 

Dr. Hauschka Facial Toneror Clarifying Toner are not applied like this with a cleanse/wipe of the skin but is instead directly spritzed onto the face and only lightly dabbed in. The alcohol offers a desired toning effect and then simply evaporatewithout removing oils from the skin. The small amount of alcohol in Dr. Hauschka Day moisturizers does not dry out the skin. It is part of an overall formulation composed of other nurturing and moisturizing ingredients and is a tried-and-tested cosmetic ingredient in the concentrations used. 


Dr. Hauschka facial care without alcohol


Dr. Hauschka body care without alcohol


Dr. Hauschka Make-up without alcohol