For fine and precise lining of the eyes: Dr. Hauschka Sharpener.

Fine lines are guaranteed with our high-quality cosmetic Sharpener. This accessory is perfect for sharpening the Dr. Hauschka Eye Definer and Lip Liner. The integrated cleaning swab enables easy and thorough cleaning of the Sharpener.

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High-quality cosmetic pencil sharpener with integrated cleaning swab
Dr. Hauschka Sharpener
Price $3.00

plus tax, plus any possible shipping costs

Content 1 each

Ideal for sharpening the high-quality Dr. Hauschka pencils.


Use the Sharpener if the make-up pencil starts to get blunt – for precise lines every time. The integrated cleaning swab enables you to quickly and easily remove excess shavings from the Sharpener after several uses.

  • 100% CO₂-neutral operations at our head office in Eckwälden, Germany. Unavoidable CO₂ emissions are offset through Atmosfair.
  • More than 80% of our plant-based raw materials are organically grown. Genuine, strictly certified organic farming helps protect our waters from agricultural run-off, strengthens the fertility of the soil and supports biodiversity.
  • 70% of our fresh plants are regionally sourced. Shorter transport distances are better for both the quality of the raw materials and the carbon footprint.
  • Good for the skin, better for the world: we invest in raw materials partnerships all around the world, providing interest-free loans and fair trade terms enabling local farmers to pay fair wages.
  • Our packaging priorities: 1. Product protection; 2. Material savings; 3. Recyclability; 4. Use of recycled materials.


Packaging materials and recycling code.

Secondary packaging.
Folding box. 100% recycled material  (FSC).

Primary packaging.


General recycling information.

  • Unscrew/remove the lid/seal.
  • Enter all packaging components into the recyclable materials cycle according to instructions provided by your local waste management authority.
Dr. Hauschka Product Consultancy

For questions regarding Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products and their usage
Phone 800.247.9907
9am-noon and 1pm-4:30pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.



April 2021

A Must

Created specifically for all regular sized Dr. Hauschka pencil cosmetics. It sharpens cleanly and precisely.

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December 2019

I use this all the time!

Perfect for all of my pencils.

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2 Vote/s   0 Vote/s
May 2019

Convenient sharpener

Works well enough with my gorgeous Dr. H eyeliners!

Was this review helpful?

2 Vote/s   0 Vote/s
February 2019

Best sharpener

The sharpener's design minimizes waste and delivers the perfect point on the pencil.

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January 2019

Not pleased

I bought the sharpener when i got the beautiful lip crayon. Sadly, the sharpener doesnt accommodate the lip crayon, only eye pencils. The product info on the website doesn't say this.

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September 2018

Perfect Cosmetic Sharpener

Works great! Sharpens all my cosmetic sticks. Can’t ask for more than that!

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August 2018


Keeps all my pencils pointy and ready to use!

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July 2018

works like a charm

great quality sharpener ! Very useful.

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June 2018

Cosmetic Sharpener

Necessary Cosmetic Sharpener!

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March 2018


Always a useful product, sharpens lip pencils and eye pencils really good!

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December 2015

Outstanding makeup sharpener.

Many brands tried, these are brilliant! They don't wear out but I do tend to lose them...

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