Make-up for dry skin

Can applying make-up be a calming ritual?

Yes – and it can be a real treat for dry and sensitive skin. Perhaps you are worried about make-up drawing moisture from your already dry skin? Or settling in fine lines, making them more visible? If so, read on to find out how your make-up can also help moisturize, nurture and calm your skin.

What to look for with make-up for dry skin.

Not all make-up is suitable if your skin is dry or sensitive. In the same way that you choose the right day moisturizer, you can also make sure that your foundation, concealer, etc. suit your skin condition. So what should you look for in make-up for dry skin? You want make-up that will help moisturize your skin, is easy to apply and will carry you throughout the day without feeling tight. The golden rule is: opt for lightweight products with creamy or liquid textures, be cautious with the use of powders, and keep an eye out for nurturing ingredients like high-quality botanical oils and waxes.


Good make-up for dry skin starts with skin prep.

Dry and sensitive skin does not like to be taken by surprise, so preparation is key when it comes to make-up for dry skin. Your routine should start with gentle and thorough cleansing. This lays the foundation for a radiant complexion and removes the dry flakes that could later settle as tiny clumps in your make-up. Choose a moisturizing facial cleanser so as not to dry out your skin even more. You can then apply a hydrating, nurturing daytime skin care product. Give this a moment to absorb – your thirsty skin will probably drink it up quickly. Now you're primed and ready to apply a little make-up. It is especially important with dry skin to choose a moisturizing foundation.


Your foundation for dry skin – as individual as you are.

Foundations come in many forms. With dry skin, you want to favor make-up with liquid, creamy textures that provide light to medium coverage. The more high-quality and nurturing the ingredients, the better. Apply small amounts of foundation with your fingers or a sponge and gently dab it in. This will ensure you end up with a natural look.

Tip 1: Apply your foundation with a damp beauty blender

A moistened beauty blender ensures even application with minimal effort.

Tip 2: Mix your foundation with your daytime skin care

To enrich your make-up with even more nurturing properties for dry skin, you can mix a liquid or creamy foundation with your day lotion or day cream. This results in slightly lighter coverage and increased hydration.

Tip 3: Foundation is not a must

Alternatively, you can skip foundation altogether and opt for a Tinted Day Cream or mix your usual day cream with a little Translucent Bronzing Tint. You can then cover any imperfections that are still visible with some Concealer. Again, your dry skin will appreciate a concealer that is creamy and moisturizing.


Does make-up for dry skin = make-up for sensitive skin?

And what about very dry/sensitive skin? This skin condition also appreciates light make-up with ingredients that nurture rather than irritate. Experiment to see what your skin can tolerate. Sensitive skin does not need a lot of make-up, so this should definitely be a case of quality over quantity.


Dr. Hauschka's certified natural skin care understands you skin.

Dr. Hauschka has been developing products that understand your skin since 1967. Our formulations give your skin nurturing care, help support its own activities and so it can return to its natural balanced state. Our foundations help preserve the moisture content of your skin, while our concealers are rich in nurturing plant extracts. And you can rest assured that our make-up products – like all our facial and body care products – are 100% certified natural skin care.


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