Rose water, essential rose oil & rose petals

Rose extracts for natural skin care

For Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products, we use rose extracts that have been prepared in several different ways: essential rose oil, rose water, rose wax, oil extracts from dried rose petals, aqueous, rhythmitised extracts from fresh rose petals and extracts of wild rose fruits (rose hips).

We procure the essential rose oil from our independent partners in EthiopiaAfghanistan, Bulgaria, Iran and Turkey. These obtain the oil from Damask rose petals through the use of steam distillation. It takes about a hectare of roses to obtain a kilogram of the valuable oil, which is used in many Dr. Hauschka skin care products, e.g. in Rose Nurturing Body Oil. The partners grow the roses using certified organic or Demeter cultivation methods. Our agricultural consultants regularly visit the countries and support them with their experience. Grants for the purchase of rose cuttings or the construction of distilleries help new partners who are just starting out in rose cultivation. This is in line with our commitment to high quality. As, whenever possible, we only use raw materials obtained from biodynamic or certified organic cultivation, we believe that it is very important to establish new, independent raw material partnerships. With the aid of our support and guaranteed purchase prices, new jobs and better living standards are created locally. In Afghanistan, for example, the cultivation of roses offers people an alternative to growing opium poppies.



A selection of Dr. Hauschka products that contain valuable essential rose oil


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