We care for the environment. In all sincerity.

We have always needed nature for our products. And nature needs us now more than ever. That is why protecting our planet is one of our most urgent tasks. We are working hard to increase the positive environmental effects of our actions and minimize the negative. We would like to outline our point of view on a few hotly debated environmental issues. We’ve made a firm promise when it comes to the things we’re passionate about – the environment, nature, responsibility and sustainability – there is one thing we will never forget: sincerity.

Climate neutral. Is that a good thing?

Our head office site in Eckwälden, Germany has been carbon neutral since 2020. We reduce directly created CO2 emissions by using green electricity (solar and wind generated) and biogas from waste materials. We purchase carbon offsets to compensate for unavoidable emissions. It would be much cheaper to offset all our CO2 emissions instead of preventing them in the first place. We could still loudly congratulate ourselves for achieving “carbon neutrality”. But we know that this is not the time for celebration. There is still so much work to do. Our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions all the way down our value chain to almost zero. And not just by buying our ’green’ credentials. Rather, we intend to do everything we can to continue reducing our CO2 emissions.


Waste paper. What’s the deal?

Out with the new, in with the old? When it comes to protecting the environment, reusing waste paper is clearly the best option. Recycled raw materials conserve valuable resources and therefore help protect the environment. That is why our folding boxes no longer contain materials made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) virgin fibers. Instead we use 100% recycled materials. We strive to constantly increase the recycled components in all our packaging.


Our aluminum is rubbish. Is that such a bad thing?

Aluminum: practically made for recycling. It can be recycled as many times as needed at no loss to its quality. That is why our aluminum tubes are made from 100% recycled material from industrial waste (PIR). Any production waste resulting from the processing of aluminum is collected and melted down again. This enables us to cut energy use by 95% savinghundreds of tons of CO2 and millions of gallons of water. Our 1.0, 1.7 and 2.5 fl oz tubes are already made from 100% recycled materials. Our other tube sizes are soon to follow.


100% vegan. With beeswax?

We mainly use plant and mineral ingredients for our skin care. Depending on the type of care and skin needs, we also choose certain animal raw materials such as beeswax, a valuable substance: a gift from nature that we take extra care to use responsibly. That’s why not all of our products are vegan. It's worth mentioning that 100% artificial, mineral-oil-based products are always 100% vegan--which of course sounds better than “100% synthetic”.


Goodbye tubes. Hello microbes?

Why do some of our products still come in plastic tubes? Partly because plastic is easy to recycle and offers excellent protection for our products. Pure natural skin care products without synthetic preservatives are very sensitive. We have to make sure that unsuitable packaging doesn’t cause the valuable contents to spoil prematurely and end up being wasted. We package our day creams in aluminum tubes rather than glass jars to reduce the risk of contamination from using your fingers. Product protection means resource protection to us – which contributes to environmental protection.


0% microplastic. Is this the end?

Our certified natural skin care is exclusively made from ingredients of natural origin. Free from mineral oils, silicones, synthetic preservatives and fragrances, as well as from microplastic. Use of solid microplastic particles (beads) in skin care will soon be banned throughout the EU. Liquid plastics however, such as silicones used in shampoos, are not covered by this ban and can still be used in conventional cosmetics. We keep them out of our products, and therefore out of the sea.


Clean, organic, ecological. What’s in a label?

Natural cosmetics are in vogue. But just how natural are they really? And which of the many labels can we trust? The NATRUE label has the answers. Only natural, organic cosmetics carry this international quality label. Independent auditors check compliance with guidelines every year and ensure that our formulas and ingredients pass the test. This prevents any risk of greenwashing. And it is certainly not a problem for us Every Dr. Hauschka product carries the NATRUE label. This also applies to our ingredients: over 80% of our plant raw materials are organically cultivated. We want to make this percentage even higher – and to increasingly migrate to Demeter-certified biodynamic farming.


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