Carbon neutral

What is “carbon neutral”?

Our Bad Boll site has been 100 % C0₂ neutral since 2020. Eighty-five percent of this is “true” neutrality – i. e., the targeted avoidance of CO₂ emissions. The remaining 15 % of unavoidable emissions we offset using Atmosfair, which supports climate protection projects around the world. Our vision? To set the entire value chain on the path towards carbon neutrality.

The truth behind the claim.

Full disclosure: there’s no such thing as total carbon neutrality. Every business-associated action has consequences for the planet. And yet many companies proudly wear the “carbon neutral” badge through the purchase of offset credits without actually reducing their CO₂ emissions. In our view, offsetting only combats the effects of climate-damaging gases. We want to eliminate their root cause and bring all our emissions as close to zero as possible – including along our global value chain. To do so requires four-times the investment compared to offsetting alone.


We take responsibility.

In January 2020, we fully transitioned our electricity/vehicles/heat to 100 % biogas, a fuel produced by waste materials. With this switch, we eliminated about 2,200 tons of CO₂ per year. That’s the equivalent of reforesting an area roughly the size of 30 soccer fields. We are also continuously expanding our solar power systems. We now obtain 94 % of our total energy requirements from renewable sources.


Saving energy with healthy soils.

For us, carbon neutrality is directly anchored in nature. Our organic farming methods require 30-50 % less energy and much less water. Our naturally nutrient-rich soil does not need fertilizer and stores more carbon.


It’s not just the content that counts.

We make sure our materials can stay in the material cycle for as long as possible. By using aluminium tubes made from recycled industrial waste, we achieve energy savings of 95 %. By 2025, we want 90 % of our packaging materials to be recyclable.


Home grown.

We not only grow organically, but also regionally. 70 % of our fresh plants are regionally sourced. And short transport distances make for a happier climate. For our non-native plants, we apply the principle: “As close as possible, as far away as necessary.”


Making the entire Dr. Hauschka brand carbon neutral. Truly neutral.

That’s our vision. The path to get there is a process that involves the participation of our entire value chain. By 2030, we want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 85 % compared to 2019.