Are our cosmetics 100 % vegan?

We make responsible use of high-quality raw materials from all the natural kingdoms: plant, mineral, and animal. As a result, not all of our products are vegan. But many are.

Natural goodness.

Our certified natural skin care is free from mineral oils and chemical/synthetic preservatives. We obtain our glycerin and fatty constituents from, for example, plants, sheep’s wool (lanolin) and beeswax.


Well justified.

We decide which raw materials to use based on the skin’s requirements and the desired results. Examples of animal-kingdom materials we use include beeswax and silk powder. These materials are – like many animal-based raw materials – extremely valuable and closely compatible to the human body. Silk protein, for example, has a similar structure to our skin. This makes it particularly compatible and means it relates extremely well to the skin.


In harmony.

At our Demeter biodynamic farm in Bad Boll, we interact humanely, sustainably and responsibly with our environment and our fellow beings. We cultivate our medicinal plants biodynamically. This not only denotes plant quality, but also the symbiotic existence of all plants and animals on the farm. All plant-based raw materials that we do not produce ourselves, we obtain from partners who comply with our standards.


No animal testing.

Naturally, we do not perform or commission any animal experiments for Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products. And this has been the case since we were first established more than 50 years ago.