Dandelion – keeping mature skin in top form.

Don’t underestimate the humble dandelion: this common plant is bursting with vitality. Its nourishing powers, sunny disposition and age-old wisdom can have enormous benefits for mature skin.

A little solar power plant.

This flower is a real sun worshipper and always turns towards the light. As a result, every dandelion plant is actively storing warmth and glowing in a sunny yellow “while the rest of nature is still bathing in the cool, damp spring” – as our gardener Joscha Huter so beautifully puts it. What’s more, the dandelion shares its heat generously with all the creatures that use it as a food source.


A nutritious meal for many.

Dandelion is rich in nutrients and delicious. So it’s no wonder that it’s on the menu for many creatures: mice eat its roots, rabbits, deer and birds feast on its leaves, and insects feed from its flower heads. Even we humans enjoy the plant in salads as a source of valuable bitter compounds.


Young and fresh is best.

We use dandelion in our Regenerating Intensive Night Serum. It grows in our very own herb garden, which we cultivate biodynamically. We harvest the plant young and process it to produce a rhythmitised extract that contains all the power and wisdom of the dandelion.


How can a plant have wisdom?

Joscha Huter considers the dandelion one of nature’s wisest plants. “How else is it able to so faithfully reproduce the night sky?”, he asks. A dandelion’s seed head is indeed a perfect sphere that is made up of many translucent “pappi” that create star-like shapes. These special structures are carried easily on the wind and allow the dandelion to take root wherever its celestial seeds land. Such a sophisticated reproduction system certainly argues for the wisdom of these small yet potent plants.


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