Reducing waste

How is Dr. Hauschka reducing waste levels?

All production creates a certain amount of waste. Our waste management system is based on the principles of the materials cycle. In the first instance, we aim to avoid waste in general. The second priority is to use waste sensibly. Traditional recycling is the best option: paper becomes paper and plastic is turned into new plastic. Heat recovery is also beneficial: Waste incineration plants burn suitable waste. This produces energy, which can be used, for example, for district heating. Plant and kitchen waste is taken to the Türkheim biogas plant in the Schwäbischen Alb. Some materials and waste which is not suitable for the disposal methods outlined above is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. We also employ a waste manager who is an expert on the issue. She is the central point of contact for all question of waste management for all employees.

Find out more about recycling in our Environmental Statement.

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