CO2 footprint

How is the CO2 footprint of Dr. Hauschka cosmetics?

The Paris Climate Agreement saw states agree to limit global warming to well below 2°C, if possible, even to 1.5°C. This can only be achieved with an immediate and drastic reduction of CO2 emissions. The goal of greenhouse gas neutrality requires long-term and fundamental change. We regard this challenge and responsibility as an obligation, and we want to make our contribution.

That is why our priorities are to reduce WALA's CO2 footprint to the absolute minimum and then to fully offset these unavoidable emissions.

Since the start of 2020, WALA has achieved approx. 75 % CO2 neutrality by consistently avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. This “genuine” neutrality does not need to be offset. However, we see it as our duty to work towards reducing harmful emissions even further. After all, offsetting only combats the effects of climate-damaging gases. We want to eliminate their causes.

Find out more how we reduce our CO2 footprint in our Environmental Statement.

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