Refill packaging

Does Dr. Hauschka offer refill packaging?

As a manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics, we conscientiously do not use synthetic preservatives, antioxidants or UV filters. As we do not use the above-mentioned substances in our natural cosmetics, but use numerous natural substances, our products do not have an infinite shelf life. To guarantee a long shelf life for our Dr. Hauschka preparations, we take different measures.

These include high standards of hygiene in production, corresponding to those in the production of pharmaceuticals. We perform comprehensive quality and purity tests on the raw materials used, as well as on the finished products, and choose the right packaging that will protect the product from the air, solar irradiation and microbiological contamination even once it has been opened.

The reuse of pumps, atomizers and packaging unfortunately poses the risk of the product becoming spoiled due to possible microbial contamination from the used packaging, pump or surrounding air. This can only be counteracted by using synthetic preservatives, which goes against our principles. For product protection reasons, therefore, for our products such as Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Milk or Rose Day Cream Light we are currently unable to offer refill solutions.