Apply facial toners correctly

Facial Toner, Clarifying Toner or Regenerating Serum?
When should I use which one?

  • Facial Toner - a basic toner that supports normal, dry or sensitive skin and skin in need of revitalization. 
  • Clarifying Toner -  a special herbal lotion that helps balance and tone oily, blemished,  large-pored skin prone to redness.

Spray the skin with the appropriate toner in the morning after cleansing and before applying your regular day-care product. Apply the toner again in the evening after cleansing unless you are using Renewing Night Conditioner, in which case you should omit the toner in the evening and apply Renewing Night Conditioner instead.

  • Regenerating Serum - an oil-free day and night care product that meets the needs of demanding, mature skin. The serum supports the moisture-binding capacity of the skin, helps fortify and enliven mature, demanding skin. Apply in the morning to the cleansed skin before applying your day care product. Use in the evening as oil-free night care and/or after a course of Renewing Night Conditioner


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