Night Conditioners

When do I use Dr. Hauschka Night Conditioners?

The conditioners are oil-free intensive care products for the night which have a balancing effect on the various skin conditions.

Dr. Hauschka Renewing Night Conditioner - advanced night care

Dr. Hauschka Renewing Night Conditioner has a balancing effect on skin states characterized by excessive dryness or oiliness or proneness to premature wrinkling or sensitivity. Its oil-free formula supports the skin's activity which is particularly pronounced at night. The natural skin functions are balanced. Dry skin learns to produce and retain oil and moisture again. Sensitive skin is fortified. In oily, blemished skin excessive production of oil and dead skin cells is calmed. Tone and elasticity of skin prone to premature wrinkling is supported. 

Dr. Hauschka Sensitive Care Conditioner – advanced care for sensitive skin

The valuable herbal extracts and minerals contained in dilute rhythmized form in Dr. Hauschka Sensitive Care Conditioner have a fortifying action on the skin. 

How do I use Dr. Hauschka Night Conditioners?

We recommend using Conditioner in the form of a 28-day course of treatment during which the Conditioner is applied to the face every evening after cleansing. Apply 2 ampoules each evening during the first 3 weeks and then just 1 ampoule per evening during the last week. The course of treatment can be repeated several times a year. The recommended number of treatments is one for every 10 years of your age (e.g. 3 treatments a year for someone aged 30). 


Dr. Hauschka Night Conditioner