Face care for men

It’s all about your skin condition.

Men also need face care but it should be according to their skin condition, not their gender. At Dr. Hauschka, we look at the person as a whole, regardless of gender identity. And our nurturing plants are just as effective no matter who’s using the product. That’s why we don’t have a separate face care line for men. Here is a handy overview of the products that are most popular with men.


1. Cleansers: the basis of skin care.

Men enjoy the feeling of clean, fresh skin in the morning as much as anyone. That’s why a gentle cleanser should always be the first step of any facial care routine. Our cleansers leave skin feeling clean, clear, refreshed and ready for the next steps of your skin care routine – and leave you feeling ready for the day.


2. Toners: perfect on freshly shaved skin.

Next, it’s time for a toner: our toners help support the skin’s natural activities. A top tip for men: our pleasantly refreshing and soothing toners are particularly good on freshly shaved skin, as they act like an invigorating aftershave. If you tend to get small ingrown hairs, blemishes or oily skin, our Clarifying Toner is the best choice. For normal, dry, or sensitive skin, we recommend our classic Facial Toner.


Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner
Clarifying Toner
  • for oily, blemished and combination skin
  • fortifies and clarifies
  • reduces the look of blemishes
  • helps calm redness
3.4 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner
Facial Toner
  • for normal, dry and sensitive skin
  • revitalizes and refreshes
  • fortifies the skin
  • balances moisture
3.4 fl oz


3. Daytime skin care: the right care for every skin condition.

What’s the best day moisturizer for men? That depends on your skin. Dry skin needs protection and moisture, while combination skin needs balanced skin care. Men with mature skin will appreciate more rich, replenishing day creams. Not sure which daytime skin care is right for you? Take our online skin test and find out. Men also love to use our Revitalizing Mask as a day cream to soothe the skin after shaving.

Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream
Quince Day Cream
  • for normal skin
  • maintains moisture
  • fortifies, protects and refreshes
1 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream: reduces oily shine, for combination skin
Melissa Day Cream
  • for sensitive combination skin
  • calms and balances
  • helps balance oil and moisture
1 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream: Daily face care
Rose Day Cream
  • for dry to very dry skin
  • balances and fortifies
  • supports skin barrier
1 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light, rose cream, light face cream
Rose Day Cream Light
  • for normal to dry skin
  • nurtures and fortifies
  • refines the complexion
  • absorbs quickly
1 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Day Lotion
Revitalizing Day Lotion
  • for dry, dehydrated skin
  • refreshes and enlivens
  • revives a radiant complexion
1.7 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Soothing Day Lotion
Soothing Day Lotion
  • supports and soothes skin prone to redness
  • for skin prone to visible capillaries
  • offers skin an even appearance
1.7 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Balancing Day Lotion
Balancing Day Lotion
  • helps balance oily skin
  • reduces the appearance of blemishes
  • reduces shine
1.7 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream
Regenerating Day Cream
  • for demanding, mature skin
  • protects and helps renew
  • fortifies the skin
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles
1.3 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream Intensive
Regenerating Day Cream Intensive
  • For mature skin that is becoming increasingly drier and more sensitive
  • helps firm and support elasticity
  • smoothes and refines
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles caused by dryness
1.3 fl oz
Clarifying Day Oil certified natural skin care
Clarifying Day Oil
  • for oily, blemished skin
  • helps balance oiliness
  • refines the pores
0.17 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Mask - refining face mask - skin-toning mask
Revitalizing Mask
  • refreshes and tones
  • refines the complexion
  • suitable for use as after-sun care
  • for all skin conditions
1 fl oz
Apricot Day Cream – contains apricot kernel oil for a natural glow
Apricot Day Cream
  • for dry and very dry skin
  • invigorates dull and tired skin
  • protects all day long
  • nourishes without feeling heavy
1 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream
Cleansing Cream
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • cleanses and revitalizes
  • provides a clear complexion
1.7 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Balm – a refreshing wash gel
Cleansing Balm
  • for all skin conditions
  • cleanses thoroughly, gently nurtures
  • removes light make-up
  • refreshing gel-to-milk texture
2.5 fl oz


More face care tips for men.

Do your lips suffer in cold and windy weather? Does the sensitive skin around your eyes look tired? Sometimes, we all need a little TLC. Did you know the face care you use in the morning and evening can be as different as day and night.

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum - Revitalizing serum
Night Serum
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • basic night care product
  • fortifies the skin
  • supports the skin’s renewal processes
0.7 fl oz
For silky soft lips: Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick
Lip Care Stick
  • gently nurtures dry lips
  • protects against harsh weather
  • contains high-quality oils and waxes
0.17 oz
Dr. Hauschka natural skin care: Daily Hydrating Eye Cream
Daily Hydrating Eye Cream
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • smoothes and relaxes
  • retains moisture and refreshes
  • ideally supplements your usual day cream
0.4 fl oz
Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm
Eye Balm
  • suitable for all skin conditions
  • deeply nourishes
  • protects against drying conditions
  • ideal for the winter months
0.34 fl oz


4. Beard care: our face care tip for beards.

Do you have a long beard? Our silicone-free Hair Oil will leave it feeling soft and smooth with a healthy-looking shine. Simply apply the oil to a damp beard. Less is more with our Hair Oil: the pump dispenser makes it easy to only apply as much as you need.

Dr. Hauschka Hair Oil: 100% certified organic and natural skin care - Hair Oil
Hair Oil
  • intensive hair oil
  • provides vitality and moisturizing support
  • suitable for dry scalp
  • for dry, brittle, dull hair
2.5 fl oz

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