Skin care concept

Your skin: the miracle worker.

With its ability to smooth out wrinkles, heal scratches, and fend off bacteria, the skin is our protection from the outside world. And it does a lot to keep itself intact: repair, regenerate, renew, repeat, throughout our entire lives. How can skin care help support the skin carry out these tasks? To find out, we spoke to Annette Greco, the pharmacist responsible for the development of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care.

Why do we need skin care?

Generally speaking, the skin can manage quite well on its own, taking care of itself and renewing itself. Skin care cannot and should not get in the way of this ability. But if the skin’s essential rhythm is disrupted by stress or external influences, we can help it to find its ordinary balance again.


What helps to restore the skin's ordinary balance? Are there specific active ingredients that can do this?

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care works by supporting the skin’s own abilities, rather than relying on passive substitutions. That's why we focus on opportunities, rather than deficits or faults in the skin. Where is there potential for change? Which processes could use a little nudge?


What can give the skin the little nudge it needs?

At Dr. Hauschka, we rely on the power of nature. Our products work with the body's essential vitality and rhythm using ingredients found in nurturing plants, from the production process right through to application. This concentrated power helps the skin to regain its ordinary rhythm and balance on its own. By respecting the skin's own processes, we help the body to learn by itself rather than teaching it.

Can you explain a bit more about what “respecting the skin’s own processes” means?

Let's take the example of “oily skin”, which many of us know from puberty. At the moment in our lives when we our striving to find our identity and our place in the world, the body produces a heavy, facial oil to protects us from the outside world. At Dr. Hauschka, we respect this need for protection, so we don't try to fight this natural oil using aggressive means. Instead, we suggest applying our Clarifying Day Oil, a light, breathable oil. This way, the body gets the protection it needs, but also learns that it's possible to provide this in a delicate, more unctuous form. This helps the skin to combat the creation of excess sebum by itself.


So skin care acts as a sort of model for the skin?

We see the skin as a microcosm in the human macrocosm, so we try to keep an eye on how the two interact. Because the appearance of a person’s skin says something about the person as a whole. Our aim is to remind the skin of its origins, and that it can do many things on its own. Of course, we don’t have a product for every single one of its needs. But we do have a wide repertoire of inspiration: individual nurturing plant compositions that help the skin work with every skin condition. This supports the skin from the inside, and gives it the impetus to help itself and remain dynamic, adaptable, and resilient.


How does the skin become resilient?

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is based on ordinary rhythms and alternating between periods of activity and rest. It’s all about respecting the skin’s common impulses and supporting it with specially selected nurturing plants. It’s also important to give it the rest it needs afterwards. This alternation helps reinforce the skin’s regular dynamics. Regular use of our revitalizing skin care is like training for your skin, helping it to master the daily challenges it faces in a sustainable way. Help your skin learn to be beautiful all by itself.


Nurturing plants fortify the skin's ability to heal itself. Is that really how it works?

It really works – provided the treatments are ageappropriate. 40-year-old skin can’t magically be transformed into 20-year-old skin. But it’s still possible to help the skin meet its own needs and support its abilities. The efficacy of this method has been proven time and again: through decades of well-documented accounts given by numerous estheticians, as well as independent scientific tests.

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