Nurturing plants

Nature’s footpath.

The daisy is dainty yet tough. It adorns every lawn and helps soothe and clarify skin, and – petal by petal – provide important answers: he loves me, he loves me not. One thing’s for sure: we certainly love the daisy. Because behind its pretty exterior lies a tremendous power that we also harness in many of our products.

Little beauty.

The daisy is so small it could almost be overlooked – were it not for its beautiful ray flowers. Its Latin name “bellis perennis” means “everlasting beauty,” because it blooms practically all year round. In Germany, the daisy is also known as the “sky flower,” “thousand beauties” and “moon flower”.


Resilient in harsh surroundings.

The daisy is very undemanding and likes infertile soils such as those under meadows or on roadsides. Here, it withstands our stomping feet and even lawnmowers by simply producing new petals. Even under a blanket of snow, the daisy continues to bloom. Its remarkable power to regenerate is also harnessed in our skin care range.


A noble history.

Germanic tribes worshipped it as the eye of their sun god Baldr; the Celts dedicated it to the holy St. Margaret. But the daisy first rose to great fame under Louis IX, who included it along with the lily in his coat of arms.


How helpful.

In folk medicine, the daisy has been used to cleanse the blood, to stimulate digestion and appetite, and above all to support healthy skin. When it comes to traditional herbal use, the daisy can easily hold its own against its big plant sisters arnica, calendula and chamomile.


Clean and clear.

At Dr. Hauschka, we mainly use daisy extract to care for oily and blemished skin. In our Clarifying Steam Bath and Clarifying Toner, it supports a clear, radiant complexion. What’s its secret? It supports the skin to better absorb nurturing substances. Thank you, daisy!

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