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Follow your nose.

At Dr. Hauschka, a fragrance is never something that only serves to be beautiful, seductive or compelling. It is a piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly with a product’s application and effect. We place great importance on the quality of our essential oils. They carry the history and experiences of each plant within them; their environment and their well-being. And the hidden story behind every substance is pure, healthy and honest – because we use only natural ingredients. Each preparation is given its own individual scent, and each skin care line conveys a unique mood. In this way, our natural fragrances forge a successful connection with their surroundings. And offer intuitive orientation.

If you use our products, you have probably already noticed their delicate fragrance. Largely responsible for these compositions is Jörg Zimmermann, one of two perfumers who work exclusively for Dr. Hauschka. This is something quite unheard of in natural skin care. Mr. Zimmermann has his own, unique way of talking about fragrance – and about what it means to us.


What role does fragrance play in the world of Dr. Hauschka?

An essential characteristic of our world is its eloquent language – the way that the products connect with us and anchor themselves in our memory through their scent. Scent offers orientation; it succeeds in demonstrating a relationship between individual products and holds them together in a tangible way. Scent is a non-material added value that condenses all sensory content into one point and slowly reveals itself as we experience it. Natural fragrances are particularly complex and are able to connect wonderfully with the romantic side of human nature. When experiencing nature, we desire nothing more than to experience an increase in our own sensations while in its presence. From the harmonious union of all contents of perception, an ethereal being is finally created with which man can connect inwardly, in the most human way, in a kind of heightened poetry.


What is your main goal when you are working on a fragrance for a product?

I always strive to convey a beautiful feeling. The product should surprise and touch the person using it in a positive way, but it should also enable a wonderful moment of self-discovery. Through the fragrance, we connect with the very essence of our own awareness. There is a longing for this deeper experience, one which makes us realize that only through intensive feeling do we become able to love.


Should it generate emotions? Or evoke memories and associations?

If all three contents of perception are mixed together, we end up in synesthetic processing. This is where a joyful amalgamation of forms, colors, tones, taste and scent exists. If I think one, I immediately feel the other. Not for its own sake, but to generate additional information. The emotions are the trigger, so to speak, and yet the memories created by association touch us even more deeply. I need memories and must be able to connect them associatively. Only then can emotions be transformed into experiences. The secret is the atmospheric condensing of all sensory content.


Is there a product you regard as particularly perfect in terms of ingredients and fragrance experience?

We have a new product in our range this year, a light day care product called Soothing Day Lotion. This lotion feels good and has a slightly fuller, enveloping note. It is pleasantly nourishing and soothing and possesses a rosy fragrance, with a watery-green, slightly powdery note set against a delicate, smooth background. Through the conscious selection of essential oils, the fragrance has a gently invigorating effect, while physically relaxing and sensually enveloping. A floral composition, complemented with geranium bourbon, iris root and sandalwood.

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Dr. Hauschka Soothing Day Lotion: helps support skin prone to redness and visible capillaries – formulation with rose Soothing Day Lotion 1.7 US fl oz
helps support skin prone to redness and visble capillaries – formulation with rose