Changes to formulations

Why do you sometimes change Dr. Hauschka product formulations?

Dr. Hauschka products are all carefully-designed formulations, many with a long history of successful usage. Some product formulations have remained virtually unchanged for decades. However, since our understanding of the skin and natural ingredients is constantly evolving, and we wouldn’t want to rule out using new, effective ingredients when suitable. Sometimes, we will change a formulation when raw materials needed for a product that meet our high quality requirements are no longer available. We may also revise a formulation due to changes in regulatory requirements for skin care products.

As a result, minor modifications are occasionally made to a product’s formulation and declaration of ingredients.

Be assured however, that any changes we make always maintain or optimize the products’ existing quality. Ingredients have never and will never be changed for cost reasons. Any change to a formulation is always reflected in the ingredient declaration on the packaging.