Natural essential oils

How is the fragrance of the Dr. Hauschka products created?

Dr. Hauschka fragrances are always created using compositions of natural essential oils. These are often made up of several hundred naturally combined components and give each product a characteristic, complex fragrance. Individual essential oils are not usually stated on Dr. Hauschka products, as these mixtures are valuable and proprietary trade secrets worthy of protection. All product fragrances are declared on our ingredient lists with the required blanket term ‘Fragrance (Parfum)’. As this same term is equally applied to synthetic fragrances, we  emphatically state no synthetic fragrance or perfume ingredients are ever used to scent Dr. Hauschka products.  


Why are individual fragrance compounds sometimes listed on Dr. Hauschka products?

In addition to the required term ‘Fragrance (Parfum)’, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products also specify individual fragrance components (e.g., citral, limonene or geraniol) in the ingredient declarations. A note (*made from natural essential oils) on these components indicates their natural origin as part of the essential oils used. Dr. Hauschka products are not fragranced by any synthetic components. Since 2005, it has been legally required to declare the scent components to provide information for people with fragrance allergies. There are 26 fragrance compounds that must be listed on skin care products regardless if the fragrances are synthetic or natural. Even the naturally occurring fragrance components of the essential oils in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products must also be stated.