Day Creams with UV protection

Do Dr. Hauschka Day Creams contain special UV protection?

At present, Dr. Hauschka day moisturizers do not contain any sun protection. Many facial care products that offer sun protection contain chemical sun filters, which cannot be used in certified natural products.

When does my skin need UV protection?

In summer, using sunscreen can play an important part in protecting the skin. Whether or not daily UV protection is required depends on several factors. These include individual lifestyle (amount of time spent in the sun), location (e.g. altitude, latitude), skin sensitivity and age, to name a few.

People who spend much of the day indoors only need sunscreen when they spend longer periods outdoors in intense sunlight. In such cases, sunscreen should be used with a protection level tailored to the situation. A day moisturizer with a high SPF cannot fulfil these kinds of individual requirements.