Skin care concept

Staying true to nature: the number one trend.

Vitamin C, the new free radical inhibitor on the block, succinic acid, exfoliation star of 2022, and niacinamide, the power vitamin that fixes uneven skin. The skin care industry is constantly churning out new miracle products that promise firmer skin and fewer wrinkles. But while each new beauty trend replaces the last in an endless cycle, we’ve stayed true to nature since 1967.

Less is more.

In the skin care industry, so-called boosters, which claim to be packed with active ingredients, promise miracle effects in no time. At Dr. Hauschka, we focus on lasting effects rather than quick fixes. That's why our formulas contain the exact amount of plant power your skin needs. No more, no less.


Free your skin.

Succinic acid is said to free the skin from dead skin cells. Looking for an exfoliator? You won’t find one at Dr. Hauschka. Because it's important for your skin to retain its normal barrier, we try to strengthen and support it, not weaken it.



We want to banish complicated skin care regimes and move towards simple routines with a few, good-quality products. In the mainstream beauty world, the concept is known as skinimalism. At Dr. Hauschka, we simply call it the skin care concept: Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Three products, maximum effect. And this is not a trend. It’s the result of decades of research.


Regional plant power.

Many of our miracle remedies are also made from plants that grow locally. Witch hazel, nasturtium and kidney vetch, for example, all come from our nurturing herb garden or organic farmers nearby. This helps us ensure our skincare is sustainable and keeps transport to a minimum.


Synthetic miracles?

Niacinamide is the new star of the beauty world. It refines the pores and regulates sebum production. But even though vitamin B3 occurs naturally, for the skin care industry it tends to be produced synthetically. Our skin care is certified natural – and you can feel the difference straight away. Just like an apple tastes better than a vitamin pill.