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A self-care day in the life of Farah Ebrahimi.

Farah Ebrahimi is the Art Director for furniture brand e15. Originally from Iran, Farah lived in Los Angeles and New York before settling in Frankfurt. What is her personal image of beauty and self-care? And how do these concepts shape her approach to skin care?

I have a very broad definition of “beauty”.

For me, beauty is more a question of charisma than a look. I am attracted by small, discreet signs of beauty. These could be a word, a gesture, or a certain light in the evening sky, a line from a song or a child’s drawing. For me, beauty lies in many things that make me pause and appreciate a moment. This is far more valuable than all the things generally sold to us with the headline: “Attention: Beauty!”


Life without artificial layers.

The joy of perfect contrasts: I grew up on a farm in Iran and studied art and fashion in Los Angeles. I have since worked with many people from vastly different cultures. They have all shaped my perspective. In some places, people are only concerned with survival. When survival is the most important thing, you don't waste any thoughts on artificial beauty. It’s about the simple things, like health and nutrition. I therefore place great importance on that which is natural, on a life without artificial layers.


Powerful simplicity.

I find authenticity, sustainability and quality inextricably linked to beauty. To me, they are essential. What I personally seek, be it in my work or in music, architecture, and fashion, is a powerful simplicity. This powerful simplicity can actually be highly complex, because you have to reduce and reduce until you reach the essence of a thing.

Self-care? Give me simple and honest.

I don't like processed foods, nor do I need a hip Pilates studio to exercise – I walk and swim. I also try to get a healthy dose of happiness every day. In your mid-40s, you start to realize what’s really important. You have learned a lot and you know your mind. You don't want a complicated routine. Instead you look for simple things that help you stay healthy (and the odd party, of course).


Fine lines are sexy and chic.

It’s not that I don't care about fine lines and wrinkles, but I don’t let them define me. My black hair is slowly becoming peppered with grey. I thought about coloring it. But I decided no, that’s not what I want. There are so many beautiful, healthy women with grey hair. For me, letting it show is more attractive and confident that covering it up. And a few wrinkles or lines can honestly look quite sexy and chic. Though not if they are the result of stress or poor diet.


Morning routine.

I get up very early, usually around 6:30 a.m., and drink my only coffee of the day. In the bathroom, I use Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream and Facial Toner. I am still experimenting with my day cream. After showering, I apply Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil. I love the scent and how it sinks into the skin. I've been using Dr. Hauschka for 25 years and have only recently discovered the Silk Body Powder. I also own the Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil and the Hydrating Foot Cream, which is the absolute best!


In my make-up bag.

I like lipstick and make-up, but I don't like looking overly made-up – with layers of concealer, fake lashes and filled-in eyebrows. To me, that's an artificial idea of the face. Make-up should not stop you from looking like yourself. It should bring your face to life and help you look refreshed and healthy. Wearing a nice lipstick, adding nice definition to the eyes, or creating a fresh skin tone is enough. I use Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream at least ten times a day. I keep a tube in every handbag and in the car door. Often, if I share it with a friend, I’ll let her keep it. This always brings joy.


Afternoon pick-me-up.

Tea and a healthy sweet snack – perhaps dried fruits and berries, dates, a couple of almonds and walnuts. Good proteins.


Evening routine.

My evening bathroom routine is almost the same as in the morning. I read an awful lot, both in the morning and the evening. And my final ritual of the day before I turn off the light: hand cream. Every night.

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