What it takes.

The journey from an idea to a finished product takes us at least three years. We show you how our day lotions reached the shelves and explain all the steps along the way.

1. Idea and concept

Is there a basic skin care need that cannot be met with a Dr. Hauschka product? Are skin care needs around the world changing? Have there been exciting new discoveries in the science of nurturing plants? These are all good reasons to get ideas off the ground and develop concrete concepts.


2. Each formulation: a unique work of art

Much like painting, we use different nurturing plants like different colors to create our composition. We then frame the ingredients within a formulation, and place a spotlight on the work of art by giving it a tailor-made scent. While the selected nurturing plants grow, we develop a method of extraction to match the product. This way, the product development process feels new every time.


3. Selecting the packaging

Our packaging is always designed to be as sustainable as possible. This is why we make use of a modular system of different options, including 100 % recyclable glass bottles, aluminium tubes made of 100 % recycled aluminum, and plastic tubes made of up to 60 % recycled plastics.


4. Test phase

Is the product potent? Is it completely non-irritating? Does the packaging work? We put the new product through its paces in extensive tests in-house, at university clinics, and at dermatological institutes. This marks the beginning of an exciting phase.


5. Design development

A new product needs to have a good name, speak a clear and understandable language, and look as high quality as its contents. It’s time for our colleagues in design and marketing to step in.


6. Production

The nurturing plants have been processed and the first test phase has been successfully completed. The products are now manufactured and filled under pharmaceutical conditions, in order to protect and respect the valuable contents. This requires the highest levels of cleanliness, meticulous quality control, and absolute accuracy.


7. Market launch

The final stage: Our logistics center and our colleagues in sales coordinate the shipping of the products to over 40 countries and their subsequent distribution to local points of sale. The initial product idea has now been brought to the world. The day lotions are also rolled out on the German and international market and continue to undergo regular testing.

Shop the Story

Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Day Lotion: helps enliven pale, dehydrated skin – formulation with apricot Revitalizing Day Lotion 1.7 fl oz
formerly known as Revitalizing Day Cream
Dr. Hauschka Soothing Day Lotion: helps support skin prone to redness and visible capillaries – formulation with rose Soothing Day Lotion 1.7 fl oz
helps support skin prone to redness and visble capillaries – formulation with rose
Dr. Hauschka Balancing Day Lotion: helps balance oily combination skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes – formulation with anthyllis Balancing Day Lotion 1.7 fl oz
helps balance oily combination skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes – formulation with anthyllis