Nurturing plants

Long live the queen.

A symbol of beauty and a VIP in every florist’s shop: The rose is adored by poets and gardeners alike. And, naturally, by us too. The rose is an incredibly helpful plant. Its medicinal properties have traditionally been used for hay fever and headaches, while rich rose preparations pamper and nourish dry skin.

Beautifully balanced.

So delicate, so soft. But, ouch! The rose has two very different sides. Yet it is able to effortlessly unite these conflicting characteristics. As a result, the rose finds use whenever harmony and balance are required.



Rose fragrance consists of more than 400 different volatile compounds. Though primarily intended to attract insects and bees, this heady scent is also intoxicating to us humans on warm summer evenings.


By any other name.

Rós, Roza, Irozi: Every language in the world – except that of the Inuit – has a name for the rose. And it's hardly surprising. Originating in Persia, the rose now has more than 20,000 varieties that adorn landscapes and gardens from northern Norway to southern India.


A multi-tasker.

The rose is present in almost all Dr. Hauschka products. The beauty is that each preparation highlights a different one of the plant’s many talents. Rose wax, for example, preserves the skin’s moisture, while rose extract harmonizes and provides wonderful vitality.


A plant like no other.

The rose knows the value of individuality. This is why it gives each of its petals, including the five tiny sepals, their own unique shape. Another special feature of the rose is that its petals change color with the temperature, becoming more intense in cool weather.



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