Natural cosmetics without microplastics

Do Dr. Hauschka skin care products contain microplastics?

As a manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics, we neither use solid microplastics nor liquid plastics as ingredients in our Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products.

In conventional cosmetics, solid microbeads (e.g. made of polyethylene) are used as abrasives in toothpaste or exfoliant scrubs. Liquid plastics (e.g. acrylates polymers) can often be found in make-up products (e.g. mascara) to improve the smooth application and finish of the products. , We do not produce any aggressive exfoliating scrubs. Fine almond meal is used in Cleansing Cream for mild cleansing while natural waxes and oils create a smooth application for our make-up products.



Dr. Hauschka Make-up without microplastics: a selection


Dr. Hauschka Skin Care without microplastics: a selection