Recyclable packaging

How recyclable is the packaging used by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care?

  • Despite the energy-intensive production of glass and aluminium, these materials, contrary to plastics in general, are highly recyclable, which is why both are referred to as permanent materials. Plastics used to package our skin care series include polyethylene and polypropylene, which are commonly used in industry worldwide. For these materials in many countries, including Germany, there are recycling facilities which enable them to be recycled. Plastics like ABS and SAN, which are used to some extent in our make-up packaging, are not currently recycled in Germany for economic reasons. Of course, we are currently working on achieving the recyclability of our make-up packaging. 

  • All Dr. Hauschka packaging is fully licensed by Duales System Deutschland GmbH and registered in the central packaging register. This also includes service packaging such as paper bags and gift packaging. Consequently, we fulfil our duties as far as the packaging laws are concerned and pay a license fee with which we guarantee the collection and sorting of the packaging that we bring onto the market. Outside of Germany, licensing is carried out by the importers depending on the legal situation.

  • In principle, packaging can only be recycled if it is entered into the intended recycling cycle, that is, glass in the glass bin, paper and cardboard in the paper bin and light packaging made from plastic, metal and compound materials in the recyclable waste bin.

    So, to enable our materials to be recycled we ask that Dr. Hauschka Skin Care packaging be placed in the intended recycling cycle, which also means separating different materials such as lids from glass bottles. We proactively point this out on a lot of our packaging.