Samantha Foxx Winship Embraces Equity

Samantha Foxx Winship is a farm/her, beekeeper, mother wife and a leading force in diversity, food justice, and leading the next generation back to the land.

What inspired you to start the Mother’s Finest Family Urban Farms?

I started Mother’s Finest to help improve the quality of life for my family and children. I started homeschooling band I built a classroom on my farm, that gave my child the opportunity to be immersed in nature. It lead me to want to teach other families and my community about how powerful my experience was and how it has been such a source of healing for my family.

What does being “Farm Mother” mean to you? 

Farm Mother means taking care of all things nature has to offer and seeing the beauty around me. Taking care of my community through quality food and preserving culture and practices.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in agriculture?

Start where you are. And keep building. Small steps lead to building an amazing farm enterprise.

Tell us about a woman in your life that has positively impacted you and your journey finding Mother’s Finest Family Urban Farms.

My grandmother definitely influenced me, seeing her work so hard and take care of her community was truly inspiring.