Interview about the Regenerating Intensive range: Anne

Charismatic glow

Or even radiant serenity - at age 50 and above, one or the other comes about. At least that's the impression of Anne, a copywriter for Dr. Hauschka whose life experience puts her in the ideal target group for the Regenerating Intensive range.

You are a copywriter for Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating range. How does it affect your writing when you belong to the target group your texts are supposed to reach?

“I either become especially critical or I run the risk of writing solely for myself. Something along the lines of: Self-care? Start by making sure the lighting in your bathroom is forgiving...”


What is your experience of beauty in your late 50s?

“Strangely, I feel more beautiful today than I did in my late 30s. The more at peace I am with myself, the more I seem to sparkle – at least that’s my impression. I also notice the beauty of others more strongly than before and am able to appreciate it without any feelings of envy. Like the outrageously fresh skin of young people. Sometimes I just want to stop them and tell them how beautiful they are.”


Does your skin have different needs today than it did ten years ago?

“I can tell that my skin is ‘hungrier’ than it used to be. A Dr. Hauschka esthetician recently recommended that I use the Firming Mask in addition to my day cream. I like to apply this on the weekend after jogging and showering, and keep it on while I have breakfast. Interestingly, my skin drinks the mask up to such an extent that by the end of the treatment time, there’s nothing left to remove. So, it clearly makes sense to continuously adapt one’s skin care routine.”


What’s your attitude towards fine lines and wrinkles? Do you cover them up or laugh them off?

“What I would give for wrinkles that I could still cover up or hide with a smile! These days, it takes a particularly hearty laugh to paint my wrinkles in a positive light. But if this means that the older, I get the more I laugh, that’s no bad thing.”


When we talk about “mature skin”, what does the word “mature” mean to you?

“Honestly? I really dislike the term ‘mature’ when used to describe skin. It always makes me think of aged cheese or overripe fruit – i.e., something on the verge of spoiling. I prefer not to beat around the bush and talk about ‘skin with wrinkles’ or the slightly more positive ‘skin with life experience’. Of course, when used to describe the result of someone’s development and evolution, ‘mature’ has quite different connotations. Then it is not talking about external appearance, but the sum of all the things that make a person who they are on a deeper level.”


What would you like your skin to reflect?

“Me – preferably the most attractive version of myself. Some days, I really like my appearance first thing in the morning with messy hair and puffy eyes, while other days I’m happy to be able to reach for my mascara and foundation. But it’s okay for my tiredness or bad mood to be visible. The less I have to pretend, the more relaxed my approach to life.”


How do you achieve this relaxation? Do you have special self-care routines?

“I didn’t use to know the meaning of the word ‘routine’. While my children were going to school, we had to be in and out of the one bathroom in our flat as quickly as possible. Now I have more time for myself and I like to look deep into my eyes when I wash my face or apply my day cream. In the morning, I direct more of my attention to my face, whereas in the evening I focus on my body – by rubbing oil into my feet when I go to bed, for example. Did I already mention that I’m a huge fan of all Dr. Hauschka body oils? Currently, I have the Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil next to my bed. A cup of tea, my diary and some loving attention for my feet – that is a bit of a ritual for me.”


What are you most looking forward to in the years ahead?

“I’m looking forward to reveling in my freedom, to the feeling of no longer having to prove anything to others, to lots of dinners with old, good friends, to new encounters, and to getting to know my children better with every passing year.”


What can you not imagine your life without?

“If I can only choose one thing: people in whose company I feel safe and secure. If I’m allowed to choose more, then the first cup of coffee of the day that I drink in bed. And my afternoon break, which I like to spend at the open-air swimming pool in the summer. Basically, all the little things that bring happiness.”


If you could give your 20-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

“Be better at saying no when that is how you feel. Don’t go to sleep before settling or at least addressing a conflict. And also: get as much enjoyment as possible out of each day.”


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