Marinés Rodriguez Inspiring Inclusion

Marinés Rodriguez is a dedicated Ceremonial Space Holder equipped with a rich tapestry of healing modalities used intentionally to empower others and facilitate profound transformation.

What inspired you to become a Ceremonial Space Holder?

A sacred space, also referred to as a healing container, can be so powerful in shifting someone’s emotional and mental state as well as their energetic and physical state. While on my own journey I was able to experience this and the some of the most transformational experiences, were in Ceremonies. To me, the energy was felt different as did the results. On the course of gaining knowledge and experience, I saw that the individuals, families, and communities I was serving, would benefit, and were ready, to go deeper. Initiations and Attunements allowed me to offer unique opportunities for profound transformation in a very short amount of time.

Why is it important for women to pursue a holistic healing experience?

Technology is advancing quickly and one thing that this advancement is teaching us all is how much different aspects of our makeup are connected. Epigenetic’s is proving that Trauma experience by our living and deceased family members may be affecting our emotions, thoughts, and physiology. Certain studies are proving that our intention and attention on a particular event or experience impacts that event or experience. Gut Health has also been proven to directly be connected to our Brain, and they dont call it a gut feeling for nothing so we know that’s also connected to one of the most essential parts of ourselves as women, our intuition. There are also so many studies coming out on the effects that deodorants, detergents, clothing, materials, skin hair, and body products have on us. Our Skin is our largest organ and so many people are eating organic and drinking filtered water but not paying attention to their outer body.
Holistic Healing is necessary for us to move forward in a positive direction not just for ourselves but for the planet. When we are in harmony, we are more likely to be in Harmony with the natural cycles of the land we live on and the Entire Earth.

What types of healing practices do you offer?

Truthfully so many of the practices I provide are blended with one another. I absolutely prioritize some over others during particular services, but that is what I find so exciting about my work. Not only do I get to be creative, my clients get to be creative as well. They sometimes come to see me for a physical problem and we observe that there is also some overthinking due to stress and anxiety that is affecting the nervous and musculoskeletal system. These repetitive thoughts often affect their emotional state and staying up late worrying can also affect the amount & quality of sleep which in turn affects not only their moods, but their bodies ability to rest, recover, and regenerate.
All the modalities I have been certified in help me to do more than just provide relief, we also find root cause and solutions to deep seated and reoccurring issues. Its truly liberating and empowering, creating a sense of enthusiasm in both the client and I. I am big on enjoying the experience and the healing journey!

Which practice are you most passionate about and believe is most beneficial?

I would say my individual services. I host events, workshops, but I really love a curated experience for an individual. I am able to curate unique healing experiences with my one on one Reiki, Sound Healing, & Crystal service which is mostly dedicated to the healing work, and the Akashic Records Reading + Mini Healing, in which there is much more conversation, exploration, and spiritual guidance, and a few minutes dedicated to healing, including Reiki. Reiki is highly intelligent, offers many benefits, and is so powerful regardless of distance, time, and location.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a healing journey but doesn’t know where to start?

Check out my site and read up on the different services I am currently offering as well as a bit on my personal journey! The virtual services are simple yet powerful, and best of all, they can be completed from the comfort of your own home. My advice would also be to go with your intuition and build that self trust muscle, do your own research when necessary as well-have your own back! If you are still unsure, you can book a quick discovery call with me, the link is on my website as well!

How can people book or learn more about the services you provide?

Visit and make sure to check the menu bar at the top right of the page. I also encourage folks to visit my instagram @praypartyrepeat