Raw materials

Where do the mineral raw materials for Dr. Hauschka products come from?

More than 80 percent of the total of 22 tons of mineral raw materials we use in Dr. Hauschka cosmetics are mined in the EU and the USA. The remaining 20 percent (around 4 tons) of minerals come from the third world and emerging countries. 

Do fair trade standards apply to the extraction of mineral raw materials?

Fair trade standards mean fair working conditions and no child labor. The fair trade standards are not applicable in the EU and the USA, as high standards are already enshrined in law there. Where minerals come from the third world and emerging countries, we require the relevant certificates, and we have these for many raw materials, including mica. Where we use raw materials in very small quantities, we cannot buy them directly from the supplier on site, we can only purchase them via traders on the global market. Here, too, we always ask for fair trade certificates. However hard we try, traceability is unfortunately not always straightforward.