Skin care concept

Men’s skin? We don’t differentiate.

You won’t find separate men’s skin care in the Dr. Hauschka range. That’s because we look at the human being as a whole, regardless of gender identity. From the very beginning, the skin’s condition has been the only physical characteristic we are interested in. And that makes us pioneers of gender-neutral skin care since 1967.

Beautiful as you are.

Who says women shouldn’t have wrinkles or men don’t have sensitive skin? We don’t care about conforming to traditional beauty norms. We care about making people feel good in their skin. Because when a person feels healthy and comfortable, this radiates on the outside. That’s our definition of beauty.


Skin conditions rather than skin types.

Every person is unique. At Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, we do not assign you one set skin “type.” The reason for this is simple — your skin is a living, breathing organ that changes with your internal and external environments. Invariably, the condition of your skin will change over time. And that’s the same for all of us.


Caring for your skin condition.

Dry skin needs protection and moisture, while combination skin needs balancing care – and demanding skin is just as happy to receive rich, regenerating care whether you’re a man or a woman. Dr. Hauschka develops skin care plans for your individual condition. You can find out these and which skin care plan is right for you online at


Special requirements?

What do men with sensitive skin need after shaving? The soothing and invigorating care of Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner – a product that women also enjoy as part of their morning skin care ritual. Our refreshing Quince Day Cream and invigorating Cleansing Cream are two other products loved by people of all genders.


Nurturing plants for all people.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care helps people keep themselves and their skin healthy and beautiful. To do that, we use the nurturing powers of nature. Each and every plant we use has its own specific properties that make a vital contribution to our skin care formulations. And whether it’s acerola berry or witch hazel, these natural superheroes remain just as effective regardless of who’s using the product. That’s a promise.

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Gesichtswaschcreme 50ml Originalware Primärverpackung US-ES Webshop Cleansing Cream 1.7 fl oz
refines, revitalizes and deeply cleanses
Gesichtstonikum klärend 100ml Originalware Primärverpackung US-ES Webshop Clarifying Toner 3.4 fl oz
balances oily and combination skin
Quitten Tagescreme 30ml Originalware Primärverpackung US-ES Webshop Quince Day Cream 1.0 fl oz
moisturizer for normal skin conditions