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What differentiates Dr. Hauschka Skin Care from other lines?

Since 1967, the incomparable quality of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care's pure botanical products and professional esthetics methods have led the field of holistic skin care. The difference begins with the soil. Biodynamic agriculture provides the highest quality healing plants and captures plant vitality with hand harvesting at sunrise. Fresh plants immediately undergo our unique processing method so the plants’ healing quality is captured and carried directly to the skin. Using products and treatment methods that support the health of the skin holistically, Certified Dr. Hauschka Estheticians offer professional services and treatments unparalleled in the industry. Lymph stimulation, central to the Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment, incorporates gentle, rhythmical brush and hand strokes that encourage internal cleansing. Skin radiates with natural beauty.

Are your products vegan or vegetarian?

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care upholds holistic principals but does not ascribe to a vegetarian or vegan philosophy. Though we do no animal testing, several humanely obtained animal ingredients: lanolin, honey, propolis, beeswax, lactose and royal jelly are included in many Dr. Hauschka products. We also employ carmine and silk, two ingredients from insects.

I just started using your products. Why am I breaking out?

When transitioning to Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products it's typical to experience a period of acclimation to this new way of caring for your skin. Dr.Hauschka products activate the skin, encouraging it to function as it was intended; therefore suppressed, underlying conditions may surface. As the skin returns to a balanced state, these will subside. To encourage balance and help ease the transition, use Rhythmic Night Conditioner.

How long will it take your products to have a noticeable effect on my skin?

A daily regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing with Dr. Hauschka Skin Care can produce noticeable effects within several days. Our Conditioners can help ease the transition. A healthy lifestyle complements Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products; proper nutrition and a holistic skin care routine help restore balance to the skin.

Do you test on animals?

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care opposes animal testing. We neither perform nor commission animal testing of our products or ingredients. Compliance with the European ban on animal testing of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients is verified during certification of our products as Natural and/or Organic Cosmetics according to the BDIH and/or NATRUE standards.

Can I use these products if I am pregnant or nursing?

All Dr.Hauschka products and ingredients are evaluated to the highest quality and safety standards and regulations. These mild, safe and gentle products have been relied upon by mothers for decades but if you have any concerns about using any product or ingredient while pregnant or nursing, we encourage you to discuss it with your doctor.

Do you have exfoliating products in your line?

Our holistic philosophy of skin care does not endorse the use of aggressive exfoliation by scrubs, peels, glycolics or alpha hydroxy acids. Daily use of Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream, and regular Clarifying Steam Bath and Clarifying Clay Mask treatments support the natural exfoliation process of the skin.

Which of your products contain vitamins and antioxidants?

Our holistic approach to skin care does not include “feeding” the skin with isolated or synthetic vitamins. Dr. Hauschka products do however feature whole plant oils and extracts that are naturally rich sources of antioxidants including seabuckthorn, rose hip, horse chestnut, avocado, wheat germ, carrot, rosemary, argan and acerola berry.

Cleansing Cream: What do you mean by “press and roll”?

Our unique "press and roll" cleansing method goes beyond the surface to stimulate the lymph and awaken your skin. First, dampen your face with warm water and mix 1/2" Cleansing Cream with a few drops of water in your hand. Relax your hands to gently cup the face. Beginning at the forehead, press the product in using your fingers and the tops of your palms, rolling outward from the center and lifting as you roll. The mild suction created helps remove dead cells, dirt and oil. Work downward and outward with this press and roll motion for one to three minutes, then rinse with warm water and finish with a cool splash.