Pro tips
International make-up artist Karim Sattar

International make-up artist Karim Sattar instantly identifies people’s unique and special features and works to skilfully accentuate them. Here, he reveals his tips for the perfect look.


Harmoniously combine different shades of Eyeshadow

Each Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Trio contains three different shades for a beautiful combination of looks and effects. Apply the lightest shade to the movable lid area up to just below the eyebrows Apply the dark shade from the outer corner of the eye up into the eyelid crease as well as on the lower eyelid edge. Apply the middle shade to the centre of the movable lid. For a natural look, use the brush to lightly blend the transitions.

Beautiful lips take time

The best way to start is with a smile. Pulling the lips taut makes it easier to apply colour. Start by applying Lip Liner. For particularly intense colour, apply the liner to the full lip rather than just along the contours. Next, paint in the lips with the Lipstick of your choice, ideally using the Lip Brush.

Four shades for a balanced skin tone

Powders are no longer simply finishing products; they can do so much more. Dr. Hauschka Colour Correcting Powder contains four different shades. The powder reduces shine while evening the complexion for skin that feels velvety soft and supple. It is ideal for use on skin with hyperpigmentation and couperose.

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