Pure Elegance

Elegant, timeless and cared for. 
Your step-by-step guide to a sophisticated everyday look.


Apply the lightest shade from the Eyeshadow Trio 01 Sapphire to the entire eyelid as a base colour.


Emphasise the lower, outer eyelid edge with Eye Definer 03 Blue and gently blend the line inwards.


Apply the darkest shade of the Eyeshadow Trio 01 Sapphire to the movable eyelid.


Prepare your complexion with the appropriate Foundation for your skin tone. Use Concealer if necessary. Apply Compact Powder to set the look and refresh as needed through the day Accentuate the eyebrows with the shades from the Eye & Brow Palette.


Apply the middle shade of the Eyeshadow Trio 01 Sapphire to the eyelid crease and just above it.


Apply Defining Mascara 01 Black to the lashes.


Apply the light shade from the Blush Duo 01 Soft Apricot to the cheekbones and the dark shade below.


For precisely contoured lips, apply Lip Liner 01 Tulipwood from the corner of the mouth to the middle of the lips, using short, delicate strokes.


Apply Lipstick 02 Mandevilla to the lips for a touch of colour

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