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August 2022

Dr. Hauschka Eye & Brow Palette

This is great for those looking to modestly enhance their eyes. If you're looking for dramatic, this palette isn't for you (or I haven't learned how to use it in such a way). The shades are helpful as well if your eyebrows or hairline could use a subtle shading. It doesn't clump, only requires a little bit, and goes on smooth. I love that Dr. Hauschka makeup lasts!

August 2022

Dr. Hauschka Colour Correcting Powder

I've only used the translucent colour correcting powder and have found it works great and lasts a long time. It evens my tone in a subtle manner and doesn't cake up.

August 2022

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Steam Bath

This is a wonderful product that helps me unwind. The scent is light and uplifting, and although I don't usually stay under the tented towel for the full 10 minutes, it's effective. I love the gentle caress of the steam combined with the refreshing scent. This would be wonderful in the mornings to wake up to as part of a routine if you have the time.

August 2022

Dr. Hauschka's Lip Liner no.2 Red Heart is Subtle and Classy

Dr. Hauschka's lip liner no.2 "red heart" is smooth going on and keeps the lipstick in bounds. It has a slight orange tint to it, but blends well with the no.22 "millionbells" lipstick. I don't find it helps make a sharp distinction I'd you're looking for a statement, but for subtlety and class this works very well for me at least.

August 2022

Better Ingredient Nail & Cuticle Oil

If you like nail/cuticle oils and are looking for a better ingredient option, Dr. Hauschka's delivers. Unfortunately, I didn't find it effective for me - thus the 3/5.

July 2022

Lovely Body Milk

If your skin is often dehydrated, or its moisture removed after washing, this body milk is lovely. I don't particularly like the scent, but it absorbs quickly and the smell doesn't linger for long. Unfortunately, I find my skin has a little more grip, as opposed to silky smooth, after using it. However, that can be easily resolved by using a smidge of oil following the body milk application 5 or so minutes later. Still, my skin hasn't been flaking due to the weather and other environmental conditions ever since using this nightly. Thanks Dr. Hauschka team! Please consider making this body milk in the beautiful rose you do with some of your other products ❤️.

February 2022

Wonderful Hand Cream

Not too greasy and it keeps my hands soft! I haven't had nearly the same kind of cracking and bleeding through this winter as compared to prior experiences. Dr. Hauschka's Hydrating Hand Cream is a win in my book because the ingredients are fantastic and it's effective in caring for my otherwise dry skin!

January 2022

Brow & Lash Gel Bliss

I love that this does double duty - brows and lashes. It works wonderfully, is easy to use, and doesn't create buildup.