Deborah H.
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July 2022

Subtle wonder!

This palette has very subtle light shades to use to enhance areas for highlight in natural tiones to work with your specific color. The light pink works when light white to bright, etc. A wonderful fine tuning for your highlighting, brow bones, eye lids, cheek, jaw.

July 2022

Refreshingly fabulous

I use this in shower. Is so refreshing with light pin e scent, makes me feel naturally clean. The light pine scent is so uplifting and clean.
Can be used for hands too, a gift for your guests in guest bath. Best shower gel ever!

July 2022

Beautiful, natural!

I use this river the 1 concealer to reflect light from circles under eyes.
It is so natural looking and disappears but covers circles. is the best product I have used.

July 2022

Warming, wonderful

I use this after night shower before bed. Warming, toning, lovely light healing scent. I wake up with maoist, toned skin. It helps me sink into a relaxing and warmed sleep, especially in winter.
Best body oil ever!

July 2022


I use this after shower to start the day when skin still slightly moist. A light lemon scent, all natural, no fillers. it really works to hydrate and tighten skin! The best body cream I have ever used!

July 2022

beautiful skin

I use this every night as a night cream. I wake up with soft, full, moisturized skin. Feels lovely on as I go to bed. Apply after shower to retain water in skin. Is the best product I have ever ever used!!!

July 2022


The best cream to bathe with. Subtle lemon clean scent, moisturizing, soft, could not be lovelier!