Mary S.
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November 2022

Foundation 01 macadamia

Foundation 01 macadamia I've used the liquid foundation in the same shade for many years. I just apply in a very few key areas to give me a bit of coverage. The color is light and the coverage is very light as well, but you can layer it for more coverage (dryer skin will give more coverage vs than right after a moisturizer). You can apply a powder afterwards to give more coverage as well if you feel needed. It looks very natural and it's a pretty "clean" product so I have been happy for many years with it.

November 2022

Sheer Lipstick 01 majalis

Sheer Lipstick 01 majalis , If you are looking for a glossy and sheer lipstick that is not too bold, this is it. Just a hint of color and works well over certain bolder lipsticks to "tone" them down a bit. Or just by itself. Very pleased with it and this is my second purchase of it.

November 2022

Lipstick 22 millionbells

Lipstick #22 Millionbells. Very pleased with the color of this lipstick! I've had a difficult time finding one similar to what I used years ago (I think that was #1). This is close to it and not too pink and not too towards the redish or brownish shade. Since we are all different, I guess that isn't too clear, but I am very pleased and would buy again. I wanted something simple, adding color, but not too terribly bold.